Event has passed
Wednesday Mar 18, 2020 06:30 PM
Wednesday, Mar 18, 2020 09:00 PM

PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED. The health and safety of our community, members and staff is of the utmost importance to us. We are rescheduling this event in accordance with the latest guidelines from state and local authorities.

We will be launching a virtual meeting/webpage on March 18 to assure you still receive all of the announcements and training but will be able to do it at your leisure. This virtual meeting will also include a Placement Fair to help you find a great placement for next year.

Palo Alto Elks Lodge
4249 El Camino Real
Palo Alto CA 94306
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Albertoli , Kaitlyn
Allen, Stephanie
Behn, Gabriela
Bish, Kristin
Blommer, Katherine
Blondin, Courtney
Brown, Marcie
Butler, Jaymey
Cary, Christina
Chen, Christina
Ching, Liana
Conder, Lauren
Crabtree, Claire
Craze, Lizzy
Crough, Jessica
Crum, Kirsten
Daniel, Andrea
Delogramatic, Tatiana
Ferrando, Mary
Flint, Ellis
Gee, Sara
Geronimo Gipner, Marfrisa
Hahn, Kristen
Honig, Jeanne
Hood, Christina
Huckabay, Jessica
Huston, Emily
James, Lauren
Jenvey, Livia
Johnston, Caitlin
Kelly, Kelsey
Kennedy, LaShonda
Khalaf, Jane
Koo, Darice
Kramer, Rachel
Kyle, Erin
Lannan, Jacquetta
Larson, Tara
Leep, Kristen
Lozada, Veronica
MacEwen, Jenny
Mandula, Michele
Marcelli, Tracy
Martinez, Mariel
Melen, Michelle
Mellows, Robbie
Mihocko, Tracy
Miller, Stacey
Mittelstaedt, Grace
Ortiz, Jennifer
Patni, Nirmala
Pecaro, Katie
Quinones, Tayra
Rahman, Mehrafshan
Ramirez, Veronica
Roderick, Aubrey Kuan
Rosende, Martha
Rutherford, Jennifer
Rysz, Jacquelyn
Salsbury, Lauren
Sapp, Janay
Stein, Lexi
Summerlin Lion, Ivey
Terndrup, Alexis
Toborowski, Michelle
Toth, Jennifer
Treble, Tonya
Walker, Susan
Wincher, Adrienne
Yaley, Andrea
Yobs, Donna