NEW MEMBER CONNECT: Croquet & Bocce w/ the Board
Saturday Mar 30, 2024 01:00 PM
Saturday, Mar 30, 2024 03:00 PM

This month's New Member Connect is all about connecting with our Board Members. Join the ladies of the JLPA•MP Board for a session centered on Being a Board Member 101 and stay for some social croquet and bocce time!

Discussion Topics:

  • Leadership Traits developed through the Board Members' experiences
  • Strategic Planning 101
  • Mock Board Meeting where you will gain understanding around passing a Motion and more!

Even if serving on the Board of the Junior League or another organization is not one of your goals, these conversations will still help you to understand our Board structure and how you can develop your skills to support other organizations.


New Members receive 1 New Member Connects Credit. Actives interested in leadership can attend for 1 Training Credit.

All county COVID-19 guidelines will be followed.

Our full COVID Guidelines can be found here.

Member's Home - TBA

Borejka, Tara

Buckley, Nichola

Collins, Tasha

Currimjee, Zara

Goozey, Gina

Hutt, Emily

Kochiyama , Erin

Love, Bevin

Parekh, Sidthi

Pugh, Anna

Ressi, Andrea

Sarvi, Rosalynn

Symons, Emma

Tondino, Janelle

Vohra, Benazir

Wu, Jasmine