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Effective Leadership Inside & Outside of the League
Monday Aug 24, 2020 06:30 PM
Monday, Aug 24, 2020 08:00 PM

Please join four of our former Presidents in this exciting panel on how to be an effective leader inside and outside the league. This is a great opportunity for members to find out what it means to be President of the Junior League. Past Presidents Jacquetta Lannan, Marfrisa Geronimo Gipner, Sara Hollister and Meaux Costello will share insight on their experience as President as well as the leadership skills they developed and utilized outside of the League. Zoom link will be emailed out before the event.

555 Ravenswood Ave
Menlo Park CA 94025
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Brust, Jennifer

Carson, Amanda

Ching, Liana

Dettmer, Rachel

Griswold, Lisa

Hood, Christina

Kennedy, LaShonda

Kyle, Erin

Lannan, Jacquetta

Leep, Kristen

Liebert, Lauren

Marcelli, Tracy

Nejad, Sanam

Repa, Jennifer

Rick, Michelle

Rutherford, Jennifer

Ryan, Veronica

Sanson, Rose

Summerlin Lion, Ivey

Tam, Valerie

Thompson, Stacey

Toth, Jennifer

Treble, Tonya

Yobs, Donna

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